Bed Bug Illinois – A Division of Go Bug Free, Inc.

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Go Bug Free has become an industry leader in bed bug treatment by utilizing the most cutting edge products and techniques available. We have an extensive number of customer compliments, letters of recommendations and referrals that explain why Go Bug Free is the industry leader in the pest control industry and is the best choice for bed bug Illinois.

As tiny as a pinhead and multiplying at an alarming rate, bed bugs can be a big problem for your business or home. Identifying a bed bug infestation is half the battle; with an enemy so small you need a fast and proven means of detection. You also need someone with the experience and bed bug treatment knowledge to advise you through the bed bug dilemma.

Go Bug Free utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to ensure effective control/elimination in the safest way which includes utilizing low Impact products when necessary. The safety and health of our customers and the environment are a priority of Go Bug Free and we do everything we can to ensure them.

At Go Bug Free, we realize that theres not one solution for every Bed Bug infestation. We have created protocols and treatments to address each type of situation that may exist within your property. Go Bug Free can custom design a treatment protocol for your specific needs. We offer a great variety of solutions including, but not limited to:

No matter how you got them, theres only one sure way to get rid of them. Contact Go Bug Free.

Go Bug Free is the most advanced bed bug extermination company in the Midwest. Well have you BED BUG FREE and WORRY FREE in no time.

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Bed Bug Illinois - A Division of Go Bug Free, Inc.

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