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Bed bugs are on the rise all throughout the United States; and IL is no exception. In fact, due to the bed bugs in Illinois, the Department of Public Health is urging its residents to become educated on how to prevent bed bugs in the first place.

These fast-moving flat insects are brownish in color and love to hide in places like mattresses, bed frames and box springs, to name a few. At night, these bed bugs will silently and rapidly seek out its victim as they infuse saliva into its food source while sucking up the blood from its host. This occurs most often between the hours of 12 am to 3 am. Although you won't feel these bugs as they feed off of your skin, when you awake you'll soon discover red, itchy bite marks on your body. Bed bugs also feed off of your pets.

In order to reduce and eliminate any bed bug problem, you'll need to learn what signs to look for regarding a bed bug infestation. If undetected, your bed bug situation can manifest rather fast. Therefore, it's imperative to keep an eye out for this night-time pest so you can prevent the problem from getting out of control. Using light color bed sheets will make it easy to come across spots of blood and brownish specks of bed bug feces left behind on your sheets.

When you vacation at a hotel, checkout all along the mattress seams. Don't put your suitcase on the floor or on the bed; in fact, you should store your suitcases in sealed protective bags or garbage bags during your stay.

Second-hand items such as furniture and household accessories should be vigilantly inspected before bringing these objects into your home.

Change your bedding at least once a week as a standard household procedure. Use hot water to wash sheets; then machine dry everything at a medium to high temperature.

Once you have determined that you do indeed have a bed bug crisis, it's best to call in the professionals to get the job done properly. Yes, you can try to eradicate these bugs from your home on your own. There certainly is ample "do-it-yourself" advice available on the Internet; however if not done correctly, these bugs can take over an entire home promptly. A professional bed bug exterminator will alleviate this situation once and for all.

Get rid of bed bugs in Illinois with a qualified exterminator and never say, "Sleep tight-dont let the bed bugs bite" again.

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Bed Bugs in Illinois | Bedbug Extermination in IL

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