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Canine Detection and Inspection Services (CDIS)is a reputable, highly-trained group of professionals you can rely on for timely and accuratebed bug inspection services. CDIS guarantees to arrive at your property with a discreet, clean, healthy and professionally trained bed bug detection dog. Our certified canine handlers and bed bug detection dogs train on scent discrimination every day in order to provide you with cutting edge bed bug inspection services.We have the largest team of NESDCA certified handlers located in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

WEHAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS IN MINDCDIS is an inspection and detection company only and does not provide bed bug treatment services. We believe this independent review provides a great value to our clients as we do not have a vested interest in the outcome of each inspection. We are an unbiased, third-party advocate that can provide you with actionable data to help you make decisions for your property.

Over the last eight years, we have been recognized as an industryleader in bed bug scent detection. Also during that time, our technical experts have continued to seek out the additional areas where canine scent detection can add value to the public and to the marketplace. One of these areas we have expanded into is Conservation Scent Detection.

Conservation Scent Detection involves utilizing a dogs keen sense of smell and close bond to a human partner to aid in preserving, restoring, and protecting our environment and the plants, animals, and people that share it. Three specific areas of focus include:

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Bed Bug Inspection | CDIS - Canine Inspection & Detection ...

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