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One out of every five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has. Bed bugs can liveeverywherefrom single-family homes, apartment buildings, and shelters, to office buildings and hotels. Residents, building managers, and businesses takedesperate measures to control these tenacious pests, often leading to dangerous use and misuse of pesticides that aggravate asthma and cause unnecessary exposure to high levels of chemicals. Minimal use of pesticides can safely and effectively control Bed bugs. Midwest Pesticide Action Center holds training events, workshops, and has developed outreach materials to educate residents and institutions on how to spot early signs of bed bug infestations, response strategies, and effective treatment options. Continue reading for: Bed Bugs and Chicago Training Events, Outreach that Informs and Empowers, Policy Making, Making Institutional Change

Being informed and aware is the best way of controlling bed bugs. We hold training events throughout Chicago and provide a basic knowledge of bed bug behavior and control.

We provide a number of resources that inform landlords and residents on their rights and responsibilities when it comes to bed bug treatment.

Midwest Pesticide Action Center works to impact the greatest number of people for the greatest good.

Through customized training, workshops, and one-on-one education, Midwest Pesticide Action Center works with institutions and building managers to develop strategies for structural and mechanical methods, monitoring, sanitation, and non-chemical and least-toxic treatments for the control of bed bugs and helps ensures the health of thousands of people. A short list of institutions we have worked with includes:

We provide homes for the most vulnerable populations of society and have been greatly affected by the resurgence of bedbugs in the area. Our experience with this new normal has really affected us and [Midwest Pesticide Action Center] has been an excellent ally in advising us on early detection and providing training resources for both our staff and participants. The training and informative resources [Midwest Pesticide Action Center] has provided to our organization are priceless. Director of Property Management, Heartland Housing

Contact Ruth Kerzee at if your organization is interested in working with Midwest Pesticide Action Center. ThePolk Bros. Foundationand theCity of Chicagofunds mostof our Beating Back Bed Bugs program.

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Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance:The City of Chicago passes a comprehensive public health-protection ordinance on bed bug control.Learn More

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Beating Back Bed Bugs | Midwest Pesticide Action Center

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