Bed Bug Report for Keylime Cove, Gurnee, IL

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I know it sounds super dramatic, but after having to deal with bed bugs personally 5 years ago(moved out of a apt building because they didnt try and get rid of them they just covered it up), and being in a field where a lot of the clients I help are homeless and I try and find them safe clean living spaces which most have bed bugs, it's scary and horrible for me to deal with this on a mini vacation!!

My son and I met my boyfriend and his son at a birthday party 7 months ago and we've been d

ating for the last 6 months. We had so much fun at the birthday party I thought what a great idea for us all to come back to this place to celebrate our 6 months of being in each other's lives grown up and kid fun all in one place. We took off work and had my son take a day off school to take the hour and half drive to key lime.

Fast forward to 1230am we finally tired everyone out and decided to play cards on the bed next to the sleeping boys, who went to sleep so excited about waking up to spending the day swimming and doing some fun crafts we read about! Only to notice a little bug crawling towards my son, which ended up being a bed bug we couldn't squish!!! We took a pic and looked it up online and found out for sure it was a bed bug after. Then looked at the other bed and sure enough once we took the sheets off there were more on top of the mattress in the corners!!

My boyfriend called the front and they said they would move us next door, if anyone know how bed bugs travel, how they can be in the walls, moving us next door is not putting a barrier between us and the bed bugs, they travel and travel fast that's why it's become such a huge problem. I called room service back and explained that and the lady I talked to said she knows but she could move us to a suite on another floor!!! If you've dealt with bed bugs or understand them it's hard to have a good nights sleep thinking they might be biting you and your children while you sleep I let them know I wasn't comfortable with that and they said they can't refund my money until after a investigation, which ok kind of annoying since I'm working part time right now to take care of my son, but what can I do about it? And at this point I just wanted to get out I was tired the boys didn't know what was going on, and then the phone rings, I'm thinking oh maybe they figured out something or are apologizing, but no. They were just calling to say the open charge on my card was being closed and they were charging me the 49 and change for the package I bought that we didn't even get to use because we were going to spend today using it!!!

I really hope that they take this seriously because it's not right knowing about this problem and still letting families come just to spread bed bugs. Once you have bed bugs they can get everywhere and it's not a nice feeling knowing every night when you go to bed they are going to come out because they are attracted to the gas we breath out. I'm so dispappointed in key lime cove and so sad that my boys couldn't enjoy there day off like we planned, however being a parent you know the show must go on, so even though I'm out that money which I worked hard to save for them, we will figure out something else to do.

One last thing I'm 29 and since I started working when I was 15 the main part of any job I've had has been customer service and I pride myself in giving good customer service I enjoy making someone's day, and I get so disappointed when I see and/or receive poor customer service, and this was defiantly a disappoint.

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Bed Bug Report for Keylime Cove, Gurnee, IL

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