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REAC Inspections in Bed Bug Infested Units Bed bugs are a common topic of discussion in todays housing industry. In 2010, as infestations became more prevalent, HUD issued guidance to REAC inspectors that required all inspectors to report the presence of bed bugs at a property, but instructed inspectors to not enter the affected unit during the inspection. This protocol drastically changed on January 21, 2016 when HUD published Inspector Notice 2016-01. Effective February 1,

Say the words Bed bugs and fear looms in your thoughts. There are some rumors about the behavior of bed bugs out there. Lets put them to rest with some facts.

Bed bug posters have been produced as a joint venture by the Safer Pest Control Project and the Illinois Department of Public Health, with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region V. They are provided in English and Spanish. These posters and other valuable information can be found here. For posters, click the last link on the right, Bite Back.

The horror stories about bed bug infestations continue to multiply. Now we have improved guidance for addressing this problem, which has cost properties hundreds of thousands of dollars. It has affected the budgets of many properties and depleted Reserves for Replacement. HUD has reissued its policy to address this situation more effectively.

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Bed Bugs Archives - PMCS-ICAP

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