Professional Bed Bug Steam Vapor System Now Affordable and Available, Announces

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EnviroMate PRO EP1000 Offers Cutting-Edge Italian Technology At A Lower Cost Without Sacrificing Performance Or Quality

Lake Forest, Illinois (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

"Reliable set out to engineer the best professional-grade steam vapor system in the industry, says V.K. Dunlop of "The beautifully designed and incredibly powerful PRO EP1000 combines the cutting-edge features employed by pricier steam vapor systems at a price point everyone can afford. With its optional trolley, the Italian-designed PRO is ultra portable and super convenient for both professional and home use.

While steam vapor systems like the EnviroMate PRO EP1000 are traditionally used to clean and sanitize surfaces without chemicals, professionals and consumers alike are discovering that these marvels of technology instantly eliminate bed bugs from where they hideincluding in mattress seams, sheets, clothing, picture frames, furniture and structural areas like baseboards.

Chemicals that can eliminate bed bug infestations are rare and mostly ineffective, says Dunlop. Steam vapor systems that allow people to kill bed bugs without chemicals are of growing interest across the country. The Pro EP1000 offers an innovative solution to people who want affordable do-it-yourself options. Its ease of use, powerful capabilities and reasonable price combine to make the Pro a compelling alternative to professional exterminators who come with hazardous pest control chemicals and a high price tag.

Besides endangering human health, another problem with chemicals is that they cant reach bed bugs in every nook and cranny where they hide. A highly toxic chemical called propoxur does work better than most, but the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned propoxur for home use in 2007 because the pesticide can damage the central nervous system of children. Other chemicals can irritate the skin and eyesor even cause cancer.

The pristine white PRO EP1000 is a safe, fast, economical remedy that does not involve using toxic chemicals that harm human health. It uses 257F steam vapor instead of chemicals to instantly kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind, which are rapidly killed when exposed to temperatures over 113F. And because steam vapor particles are so small, they can reach cracks and crevices chemicals cannot. With a steam vapor system like the PRO EP1000 bed bugs have nowhere to hide and are a thing of the past. And because the PRO EP1000 kills bed bugs right away, it can be more economical than chemical alternatives that take several treatments.

Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, is moving fast to educate consumers and businesses that finally, there's a feasible, environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals. With customers in every state in the nation and seven foreign countries, the company markets Reliable, Vapamore and Ladybug steam vapor sanitization systems worldwide. For more information, call 1-800-468-2767. is a proud member of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, a nationwide effort to protect families from toxic chemicals. To stay safe and avoid toxic chemicals, keep abreast of the latest news with 1-800-GO-VAPOR.coms Twitter account, @1800GOVAPOR.

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Professional Bed Bug Steam Vapor System Now Affordable and Available, Announces

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