Clark Arms residents dealing with bed bugs

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JEFFERSONVILLE Some residents at Clark Arms are having to move belongings out of their apartments as a bed bug infestation has taken root.

Jenny Eldridge, whos mother-in-law lives at Clark Arms a public housing complex for elderly and disabled residents said she and family members spent several days last week clearing out closets full of coats, clothes, pictures, Christmas decorations and other items.

Bags of clothes had to be sealed, taken to a laundry facility, and washed in hot water to kill the bugs.

This has been a nightmare, Eldridge said, noting that shes worried about other residents who dont have family to help them move things out. Some of them are sick and disabled and dont have people that can help them.

Her mother-in-laws place was sprayed Monday and shes back in the apartment now. However, Eldridge is still upset because a couch from the apartment might have to be tossed out in order to get rid of the bugs completely.

Louisville-based OPC is treating the infestation and their staff told her the couch might have to go. OPC President Donnie Blake said he understands how hard the request is but said it might be necessary in order to treat the apartment.

Bed bugs are tough, Blake said. Trying to do these treatments are extremely invasive. Its no fun whatsoever.

In some cases, Blake said, the value of the furniture may not match up with the cost of treatment. Eldridge wants the authority to hire someone who will treat the used furniture.

Further, she doesnt like that OPC is going apartment to apartment to treat the bugs rather than treating the entire floor. Blake said treating only the infested units and adjacent units is the companys standard practice.

There are 101 units in Clark Arms and seven of them are under treatment for bed bugs, said Housing Authority Executive Director Phillip Bates. The housing authority is paying for the treatments and Bates said OPCs methods have been successful at eradicating the bed bugs when theyve worked at other authority properties.

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Clark Arms residents dealing with bed bugs

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