Bed Bug Plague – Bed Bugs Are Back

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Despite the name, bed bugs are known to infest much more than the bedroom. In fact, one blogger recently discovered the pests at her expensive fitness facility in Chicago.

A Girl and A Guy blogger, Angel, summed up the bed bug discovery with two hashtags: #DOOM #FAIL. Angel nearly ended her membership at the facility, but the staff was quick to exterminate and fix the problem. She plans to continue her membership but suggests keeping these tips in mind before hitting the gym:

- If using a public gym, bring a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to spray lockers and machines before use;

- If you suspect your gym has bed bugs, inform the operations manager and share your concerns; and

- If you believe there are bed bugs in your home, hire a professional pest control agent.

You can view Angels full list of tips online. For some extra protection against these pests, download Protect-A-Beds Bed Bugs 101 mobile app, which helps you prevent, identify and locate bed bugs before they sneak into your belongings.

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Bed Bug Plague - Bed Bugs Are Back

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