Parents worry about bed bugs in Arlington High School

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NORTHEAST SIDE Its not the kind of pests you expect to deal with at school, but Arlington High School has confirmed that they found at least one bed bug inside the school last week.

The school sent letters to parents late last week. Yet, some parents tell Fox 59 they knew about the issue days before that letter.

Mother Carrie Wooten said she was unhappy with the way the school handled the problem.

(Its) disgusting. I was very concerned because if she brings one of the bed bugs home then now I have bed bugs, Wooten said.

Wooten has decided to keep her daughter home from school until she can speak to the Health Department or get a better answer from the school.

Finding a bed bug does not mean that our school building is infested, Principal Alicia Hervey said in that letter. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into school by building occupants and as a result we may have future sightings.

Patrick Bruner, who owns Advanced Pest Management, said hes seen a huge increase in bed bug cases across Indiana this year.

Bruner did not treat Arlington High School, but says hes seen cases at schools before and that bed bugs can quickly reproduce.

Usually a female can lay anywhere from three to eight eggs a day. It takes about a week to 12 days for those to hatch, Bruner said.

Despite the schools statement that it is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools, Bruner said its certainly possible.

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Parents worry about bed bugs in Arlington High School

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