Battling bed bug epidemic

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - The presence of bed bugs is being called a nationwide epidemic and Vigo County in not exempt from the growing problem.

Local homeless shelters also battle with the unwanted guests and work to prevent them.

The problem is they are often difficult to get rid of for good.

"They are hard to get rid of," says Christina Keller, Health Educator, Vigo County Health Department.

A shelter provides a hot meal and warm place to stay but what about getting something there you didn't want.

"We see and we have health complaints from people in Vigo County we get a lot of them from different places such as shelters and hotels," says Keller.

A News 10 viewer does not want us to share his name but he did share photos.

After a stay at a Wabash Valley shelter he ended up with what he believes are bed bug bites.

For a shelter preventing these pests can be an ongoing process.

"They are easy to transmit so they can come and go when you travel. A lot of times they can stay on luggage, on clothing so people who come in and out of homes and shelters will also bring those bed bugs with them," says Keller.

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Battling bed bug epidemic

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