Hey, I’m in Indiana: Bed Bugs are on Satan’s Team

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Well this week was not as adventurous as in weeks past, but we did have some good moments. We got to share the message of the restoration with a wonderful man named R.. He is a friend of one of the ladies in the ward, and she invited us to come teach him. You can tell by the way he lives and the way he works (he is a therapist) that he is close to the Savior, and committed to following Him. He was very excited about what we shared. Our message went along with things that he's thought for years. He said that he will read the Book of Mormon, and he will pray about it...and we are confident that will come around. After all, everybody who reads it and prays about it with real intent does.

We also had interviews with President Cleveland. He told me, "Sister Bowen, I have a new word to describe you. I got it from your mom: sassy." So mom, I'm sorry if you felt the need to apologize for my behavior. I'll try to be better O_o.

There's a sweet older lady we've started to work with a bit--her name is B. We came by to see her at the scheduled time, but she couldn't let us in 'cause she has bed bugs πŸ™ and she was super sad 'cause she was super excited to meet with us--but we'll be back in a few weeks. I'm convinced bed bugs are on Satan's team. Jerks. But no unhallowed hand nor bug can stop the work from progressing. I just shared this instance 'cause it's kinda how the week went--although there weren't any more bedbugs...as far as we know.

We had zone training. It is tradition at the end of zone training for all the departing missionaries to share their testimony. That was kinda weird, 'cause I don't feel like I'm leaving soon. But I've only got a few more days than my companion has months left O_o

That's all I've got for this week. I hope everybody is doing fantastically.

Much love,

Sister Bowen

Pictures πŸ˜€

~Some of my mission "posterity" Sister Castillo (my great-granddaughter) and Sister Goodstein (my granddaughter)

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Hey, I'm in Indiana: Bed Bugs are on Satan's Team

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