Bed Bugs Infest Indiana Children's Hospital!

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An Indiana Children's Hospital has confirmed at least one patient's room is infested with bed bugs, but the parents of the child who spent weeks there are saying the problem is more widespread and that hospital officials refused to take the problem seriously--until the father of the child captured one of the critters.

The father, Michael Wallace and his wife were at the Riley Children's Hospital in downtown Indianapolis for several weeks treating an undisclosed illness their newborn child was suffering from. After the second week, Wallace began noticing red welts up and down his arms and on his fingers.

Puzzled and alarmed, the parents tried to raise the concern, suspecting bed bugs, but were allegedly ignored by hospital officials who insisted on seeing a live bed bug before taking action.

Finally, says Wallace, he was "lucky" enough to catch what he describes as a "grandfather" bed bug crawling down his arm and brought the insect to hospital employees. His family was immediately moved to another room.

The hospital has released a statement addressing the issue, but it's not very reassuring and doesn't seem to address whether the hospital is attempting to gauge the scope of the infestation. Michael Wallace doesn't believe the hospital has taken any action to clean the room he and his family occupied for weeks.

This is an especially difficult problem for a hospital to address as killing bed bugs involves chemicals and pesticides. But the real question is, how could this have happened in the first place?

See how the local FOX affiliate covered the story by clicking here.

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Bed Bugs Infest Indiana Children's Hospital!

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