Cincinnati Sees Decline in Bed Bug Infestation

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The city of Cincinnati may soon be losing it's not-so-desirable status as the "Bed Bug Capitol of the United States." Today, officials announced that the number of residents who are dealing with bed bugs has declined in just the past two years.

The Cincinnati Health Department says 18 percent of residents are experiencing problems with bed bugs, down from 22 percent in 2010. The Health Department believes its campaign to educate residents about the pesky bugs, which involved assembling a consortium of organization and experts from the City, County and State of Ohio, helped.

Back when "Time Magazine" published its article naming our city as the "Bed Bug Capitol", the city responded by forming the first bed bug strategic plan in the nation. A series of brochures, fliers, and videos were released and the Health Department worked with schools, businesses, "big box retailers", pest control companies, local, state and federal government agencies and community groups to develop bed bug control policies and teach effective bed bug control and eradication measures. In addition, the health department licenses Cincinnati hotels and motels, which allows for regular inspections and a quick response to bed bug complaints.

Though bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, they can be an expensive nuisance and cause substantial embarrassment and mental anguish for those experiencing an infestation. Dr. Camille Jones, Cincinnati Assistant Health Commissioner, says "We know that we can make a difference if we work together to provide surveillance, resources and deliver accurate public messages. The City will continue to be aggressive in our response to this very difficult problem and welcome partnership and resources from other levels of government, such as the State of Ohio to assist us."

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Cincinnati Sees Decline in Bed Bug Infestation

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