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Maybe your bed bug problem is beginning to bug you enough to force you into action. Perhaps, youve even tried a few store-bought solutions and found them ineffective. You cant give up. You cant give in to become a perpetual feast of buggy little parasites. But what else can you do?

One angle to approach the problem from is to find and use the best home remedies for bed bugs. There are numerous claimed DIY anti bed bug formulas and tactics out there. But how many of them actually work?

Read on to discover the most efficient methods of DIY bed bug extermination. Many of these remedies are all natural and non-toxic, and many of them use only common, household products. All of them can save you money compared to store-bought products or hiring a professional exterminator.

Is it possible to get rid of bedbugs on your own? It certainly is, and many others have done it before you ever thought about it.

And if you can manage to eradicate bed bugs on your own, youll find that it indeed makes a dimes worth of difference when it comes to your pocket book. These bugs much smaller than a dime will cost you more than a dime, but you can potentially save a lot by going the DIY route versus calling in a bed bug exterminator.

You can buy ready-made CO emitting bedbug traps in the store, and it doesnt cost too much, per trap. But if you are planning on using numerous traps, insist on saving every possible penny, or are simply in for the experience, bed bug trap building might be for you.

Why Do Bed Bug Traps Work?Bedbugs find their hosts by two main methods: sensing body heat and detecting exhaled carbon dioxide. When you mix yeast and sugar, the yeast feeds on the sugar and emits CO in the process. Incidentally, that same CO emission is what makes bread dough rise and makes bread fluffy instead of brick-solid.

You will need two plastic containers, one small enough to fit inside the other, yeast, sugar, water, masking tape, and (optionally) baby powder.

Here are the steps to build it:

Place the finished trap under the legs of beds and other furniture or anywhere you think bed bugs might be hanging out.

The trap can serve the following functions:

In general, DIY bedbug extermination can involve a number of different strategies, and it best to use them all at once to maximize the bed bug carnage.

DIY extermination tactics include:

There are many home remedies you can use to eradicate bedbugs and their eggs, plus deter them and heal their itchy bites. But what will solve the problem permanently?

Its difficult to know if all bed bugs are dead.

But the fact is, there isnt a one-shot, sure-fire, end-it-all solution for bed bugs. There could always be a few survivors hiding in a nook or cranny or a few eggs that survive and then hatch.

You have to kill every last bug and egg to fully win the battle, so it will take persistence. You can only use traps and be alert to figure out when all the bed bugs are dead. And used furniture, pets, or infested clothes/hand bags could always bring more bed bugs in.

Your mattress and vicinity is not the only place bed bugs hide out, but nonetheless, it is bed bug central. After all, they didnt get that name for nothing.

Wondering how to get rid of bed bugs in a mattress? Here are a few ways to help guard your mattress and those resting on it from bed bug attacks:

You may be, perhaps, one who loves to do everything the natural way. That could include everything from the food you eat to the clothes you wear. Why not learn how to get rid of bed bugs naturally as well?

Here are some ways, then, to fight the bed-bug war with all natural weaponry:

It is impossible to pick out just one home remedy or strategy that is the best. You have to experiment with different methods until you strike on something that gets the job done.

And you have to use multiple methods simultaneously and be persistent. It will take time, but it can be done. Each time a new method seems to work, add it to your repertoire and keep probing for yet more weapons to add to your arsenal.

One of the most efficient methods of killing bedbugs is high heat. Exterminators have specialized equipment that can raise temperatures in your room or whole house to as much as 120F to wipe out every last bed bug and egg in less than an hour.

You cant try that DIY necessarily, but you can use heat in other ways to kill off those pesky blood suckers. First, you can kill them by using the high-heat setting on your dryer for 20 minutes or longer, in case theyre on your clothes.

Second, you can get a steam machine and work over your mattress (especially the seams) at 113F or higher. Third, you can use a high-power hair dryer on your mattress too, if you are willing to stay at it for about an hour straight.

Even if you invest in some store-bought anti bed bug tools, you may be able to significantly defer the cost of extermination by concocting a few effective home remedies.

You may not have the time to be rushing out to the store to buy anti bed bug products or have the money to be stocking up huge amounts of such products for future use.

And it can cost hundreds of dollars (or more!) to pay a professional to come to your home and kill your bedbugs for you.

Weve already gone over a number of home remedies that you can use against bed bugs. But if you do a Google check, youll quickly discover that there is widespread disagreement over whether such remedies work.

But be wary of online reviewers who say this or that didnt work! Its possible that those acclaiming a certain method are secretly trying to market a product or just got lucky, but also realize that many give a one-shot try at killing bed bugs and then stop. But that doesnt work well with practically any product, homemade or not.

You may have to apply a spray every day for weeks, replace bed bug traps once in while to keep them effective, or lay down bean leaves thrice instead of just once. It takes time.

Here is a basic step by step process by which you can eventually rid yourself of bedbugs, and do it all by yourself too:

There are few ways to kill off bed bugs fast. The more diligently you apply bed bug killing agents, the faster you can eliminate them. But even if you kill them fast, you cant be sure you did so for weeks more.

The fastest way to kill bedbugs, however, is to raise the indoor temperature of your room/home to 118F. But that would require a professional or many heaters on high during the hot summer, which could be a dangerous method due to electrical overload and fire risk.

Absent a professional exterminator, the best way to rid yourself of bedbugs is simply to keep on them with both store-bought and homemade remedies for as long as it takes to win.

You need to keep looking for new methods and keep applying the old ones that worked best for you so far. Eventually, when you are using 4, 5, 6 methods at once and hitting those pesky bugs at every turn, youre going to score some casualties. Keep at it long enough, and youll get the last one and end the infestation.

There are numerous home remedies you can use to help control and end your bed bug infestation. They are not myths like some claim, but they are not one-shot deals either. You can beat the bedbugs using home remedies, perhaps in conjunction with other methods, but it will take time. So arm up, keep at it, and be patient till they all die.

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