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Bedbugs are deemed to be bad roommates as they cause severe itch and discomfort to anyone in the household. These tiny blood sucking insects can cause sleepless nights by biting you and sucking blood whilst you are asleep.

Bedbugs are a major international problem and are the number 1 pest in the world now. It is becoming a huge problem for many PCOs (Pest Control Operators) and they are generally considered to be one of the hardest bug infestations to get rid of in homes and established properties.

Many household and business owners are asking, So how do we get rid of this pest?

Bedbugs are flat, reddish-brown, oval insects about 4 5mm long. They become swollen and reddish after feeding on human blood.

Bedbugs harbour in cracks and crevices during the day and come out at night to feed. They are attracted to their hosts primarily by carbon dioxide, secondarily by warmth and also by other chemicals. They can be introduced into a structure via second-hand furniture or in the belongings or luggage of someone who has been living in a bedbug infested environment.

Upon a thorough inspection of your property, PestBusters will carry out treatment against Bedbugs in all infested areas and items. Bedding items should be dried thoroughly before re-use. Infant and sick persons bedding and bed frames should not be treated. They should be replaced with un-infested items. After insecticide treatment of the house, a high standard of cleanliness must be maintained for a long-term management of bedbugs.

We can get rid of your sorrowful sleepless nights with our professionally trained specialist.

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Bed Bugs Treatment | Get Rid of Bed Bugs - PestBusters ...

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