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There are many companies who claim to have bed bug remedies, but very few are as thorough and effective as Tallman Scientific. We have combined years of professional experience with industry-leading products to provide our customers with the most successful and comprehensive method of bed bug termination on the market. While other remedies are short-lived or confined only to beds and bedding, our system works throughout the infected area to kill bed bugs where they live and lay eggs.

Using professional-grade products made according to guidelines set forth by the USDA and EPA, our Bed Bug Complete Control Kit is the ultimate extermination system for your home or business. Every product we sell at Tallman Scientific meets the strictest standards of quality control and effectiveness. In addition, we provide you with a multi-faceted approach to killing bed bugs, not just one spray or bed cover like other remedies.

Long-Lasting Bed Bug Remedies If you are concerned about your health and safety when using bed bug remedies, the Bed Bug Complete Control Kit is ideal for your needs. At Tallman Scientific, we use only pesticides that are harmless to humans and pets, even on contact. Our kit is just part of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that we take in fighting bed bug infestations.

We also work to combat the paranoia that naturally comes along with the presence of bed bugs. After you use our kit, you will be able to rest comfortably, knowing that bed bugs cannot escape our mattress encasings or our powerful spray and dust killers. To learn more, just contact us at or check out our FAQs section online.

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Bed Bug Remedies - Tallman Scientific

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