Bed Bug Treatment Do It Yourself Safe Pest Control

This page is a compilation of bed bug treatments offered by visitors which have worked for them; its about how to exterminate these bugs yourself. We have a separate page for those looking to treat bites from these bugs.

When we hear of a treatment that works, we list it here. If you are not sure you have bed bugs, but need to know how to spot them, then check out our Bedbug Checklist; this short but concise list is a great way to quickly spot infestations.

And, if youre convinced that you have bugs but couldnt find them, make a bed bug trap using dry ice or Alka-Seltzer, its amazing what youll catch!

If that doesnt work, read how a bed bug sniffing dog helped Mimi find bugs when professional exterminators said she was bug free!

If you find a treatment that works for you, please, take a few moments and leave a comment so that others may benefit from your experience.

How to Kill the Bed Bug Visitor Suggested The top rated and most common solution for killing bed bugs (from visitors and entomologists alike) has been to use Diatomaceous Earth aka Bed Bug Dust; it works by dehydrating the bugs and it has fantastic results!

One of the visitors (Leanna) suggested this:

Go to a pet feed store and buy food grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is 100% safe, chemical free, and all natural. God bless mother earth for that. It is also very cheap. The parasites have a waxed shell and the powder (diatomaceous fossilized earth) sticks to their bodies and dehydrates them. They eventually dry up and die.

Leanna also suggested using this powder in the follow areas:

Krista stated that she had a hard time finding Diatomaceous Earth, that it is also referred to as Silicone Dioxide and found that ChemFree Insect Killer is the same thing, inexpensive and available at any store.

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Bed Bug Treatment Do It Yourself Safe Pest Control

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