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It is best to act quickly on bed bug treatment when there is any suspicion. A bed bug infestation is analogous to a leaky pipe, which, if not fixed, can quickly spread wider damage. A bed bug problem can grow exponentially if not treated. Two breeding bed bugs can quickly breed and multiply leading to 22 bed bugs and130 eggs in 16 days;162 bed bugs and200 eggs in 31 days; and304 bed bugs and1,040 eggs in60 days. In order for their to be effective bed bug treatment, you need to eliminate 100% of the insects, as a single pregnant female can start the problem all over again.

Bed bugs are best eliminated through direct physical contact. Bell Environmental treats residences, stores, schools, offices, and healthcare facilities for bed bugs using a unique, non-toxic, chemical-free method of rapidly freezing and thereby eliminating bed bugs in all stages and their eggs upon contact. InstantFreezeTM accomplishes its freezing action by transforming liquid carbon dioxide into a snow; a process similar to creating dry ice.

BecauseInstantFreeze is non-toxic and non-chemical, it is perfect for bed bug treatment in sensitive environments like schools and hospitals. In addition, it is completely residue free and can be safely used on computers and electronic equipment. Most importantly, with freezing bed bugs, there is no impact on human health, so rooms can be immediately reoccupied after the bed bug treatments are completed. This is the reason many hospitals use our InstantFreeze programs.

Using Bell Environmentals pesticide-free methods, you can solve your bed bug issues and never have to risk exposure to chemicals. Our InstantFreeze bed bug treatment solution is a chemical-free, non-toxic method that we can safely use in all environments. There is no smell, residue, nor need to clean a room after treatment. Our bed bug treatment service allows you and your pets to reoccupy your home after minimal disruption.

Bed bug elimination is similar to trying to remove a moving needle in a haystack. A newly hatched bed bug is 1.5mm in size (the size of the tip of a ball point pen) and translucent. The eggs are also 1mm in size and have a pearly translucent appearance. A non-engorged bed bug is as thin as a credit card. Their small size enables them to hide deep in cracks and crevices, on any item. To illustrate, there are 7 places for bed bugs to hide on 1 wooden hanger. Bed bugs can hide inside the head of a screw.

The pest control effort necessary to eliminate bed bugs is very different and more intense than other extermination efforts that people have encountered. The treatments focus on living areas instead of eating areas or places that have water. There are no effective baits against bed bugs. To eliminate bed bugs it is best to treat an entire residence or location. This includes all furniture and inspecting. It is also key to inspect and if necessary treat adjoining units.

When possible, Bell Environmental recommends a minimum 2-phase bed bug treatment program consisting of initial and a follow up detailed, crack and crevice treatments.

The reason why Bell Environmental recommends customers follow a 2-phase protocol, approximately 2-3 weeks apart, is based on the biology of the bed bug.

In our experience along with the pest control industry, and the NYC Department of Health it is rare that bed bug infestations are eliminated in a single visit. The correct, most thorough approach is to treat the affected area multiple times.

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Bed Bug Treatment | Freezing Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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