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Bed Bug Inspections in NYC

We offer free bed bug inspections to help diagnose your situation and determine a proper plan of action. Sometimes all you need is an inspection to confirm if you have bed bugs or not. This is especially handy if you havent been able to identify the actual pest youre dealing with. It also helps us determine if you will actually need a bed bug treatment or if there is another plan of action to take. Our bed bug inspections are comprehensive and will confirm the presence or lack thereof of bed bugs in your home or business.

Our inspection process starts with a visual inspection from one of our qualified exterminator specialists. They will perform a visual test to gauge the situation youre dealing with. If additional assistance is needed during an inspection due to hard-to-reach places where bed bugs may be hiding, then we may suggest bringing in a bed bug dog to aid in the inspection process. These usually arent needed when there are obvious signs of bed bugs. In cases where there is not an upfront certainty that bed bugs exist, then we may need to bring in a dog for an even better reading than what a human can do. Our dogs sniff out bed bugs with a 98%+ accuracy rating for those situations where youre not entirely sure if you have a bed bug problem.

We offer the most cutting edge bed bug treatments in NYC and can provide an immediate plan of action that will not only assess the situation youre dealing with, but create a proper bed bug treatment plan that will eradicate them from your home or business for good. We normally provide two treatments for all bed bug situations as this allows us to target fully grown adult bed bugs as well as unhatched eggs that may be dormant during the first treatment. Our expert exterminators are fully trained to handle your situation with the utmost care and provide a service that is 100% discreet.

Our bed bug treatment process uses highly advanced technologies to target bed bugs in the most effective way with the least possible amount of inconvenience for you and your family. Using a laser targeted approach, were able to kill bed bugs in your home or business without effecting any of your surroundings.

During the treatment process you will need to be out of your home so that we can perform our necessary duties and apply the treatment in the most effective manner possible.

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Bed bug dogs (bed bug canines) provide an accuracy rating of 98% or more in determining if you have bed bugs in your home or business. Bed bug dogs are able to sniff out bed bugs in the toughest and most hard-to-reach spots of your home including ceiling, walls, doors, floors and any cracks or crevices where they may be living. Our technicians employ the use of bed bug dogs when you want an even greater level of confirmation about your situation or would like to confirm the work of a previous treatment.

Our dogs are specially trained having been through many hours of rigorous training to identify and sniff out bed bugs in the toughest spots of your home. When you are dealing with a situation where you may not be sure if you have bed bugs, then bringing in a bed bug dog to confirm or deny the existence of bed bugs is a wise choice to make. They also help confirm possible false positives that maybe were suspected previously.

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