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I love taking my kids on family vacations. Its an opportunity to have an adventure and stay at a new hotel or vacation rental. But theres always ONE thing that goes through my mind when we check in: Is there a bed bug problem?

Maybe its the headlines in the news about bed bug outbreaks 0r the top 10 US cities with bed bug problemsthat make me skittish. (If youre planning a visit to Chicago, Los Angeles or Ohio three Ohio cities made the top 10 list then bring this all-natural bed bug remedy.)

I did have a minor freak out when my kids came home with lice from school (check out my natural lice treatment) so its understandable why Id be a little nervous about bed bugs. But dont worry, Ive got tips on how to avoid bed bugs while traveling and how to prevent and get rid of bed bugs naturally. Keep reading for my natural remedies for bed bugs.

Heres the low-down on bed bugs. They are parasites that feed on human blood. They love warm, humid environments especially near or inside bedding and other sleep areas. They are mainly active at night. They can cause skin rashes, allergic reactions and other health issues.1

Bed bugs are most often reported in summer months and are not limited to just beds and bedding- they can live in bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing, clutter even in electrical sockets and near computers, etc. According to pest professionals, bed bugs are the most difficult pests to eradicate even more than cockroaches and ants.2

Here are a few tips to check for bed bugs in hotel rooms, vacation rentals, homes, etc.3

If youre staying a hotel room and spot bed bugs, then I would high-tail it out of there if you can and either find another room or another hotel without the little critters. Use one of these natural remedies for bed bugs for peace of mind and to prevent bed bugs.

1 cup water 10 dropsThieves essential oil 10 dropsPurification essential oil 10 dropsPeppermint essential oil 3 dropsLavender essential oil

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Natural Bed Bug Remedies - Don't Mess with Mama

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