Bed Bugs Infest New Bredfor Bank

As you could easily tell by the high number of reports about them, bed bugs have become even more prevalent these past few years. Now, they are common not just in houses and hotels. Theyve expanded their coverage becoming a familiar yet unpleasant sight in many unexpected places. And this recent news about a New Bedford bank being infested by them is one proof that.

That bank the critters reportedly overran was the Santander Bank located at Union Street. A company supervisor described the infestation in it as very extensive.

The complaints about the bed bugs in the said building have already resulted to several visits from pest exterminators. It also prompted an inspection from the city health office in mid-January. However, citys health director Dr. Brenda Weis said that no evidence of the pest was seen in the bank.

Despite that, Weis stated that Santander had sprayed their office five times already. Moreover, they offered to their 110 employees a spray treatment for their residences.

Besides the city health, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration also looks into the banks response to the issue as it also received a bed bug complaint, one of its officials stated.

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Complaints of a bed bug infestation at the Santander Bank building on Union Street resulted in several visits by exterminators and a city health inspection in mid-January, city documents show.

A company supervisor confirmed that the facility did in fact have a very extensive infestation of what pest control professionals have identified as bed bugs, according to the New Bedford Health Departments official investigation report.

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Bed Bugs Infest New Bredfor Bank

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