Yungztuh – Listen to your heart (Short) listen to your heart you know where u wanna be standing by my side relaxing wid yungztuh 403 cruzing all day night in da passenger seat listening to da beats taking you places dat u neva seen if ur sick dont worry i'll be your remedy i'll keep you warm if your cold just give me your hand feel my heart and soul together foreva thru da stomiest weather while packing dat bretta by my side we could be da next bonnie and clyde for better or worse living dis crazy life im down for you if your down for me babygirl lets ride im hustla capital h you know whata deal my love is real aint no fake listen to your heart tell me what u feel we could be like louis and clark da man of steel im never fallin apart thru da dark i keepin it right feelin da vibe me holding you tight thru da night get no bed bug bites look into my eyes keep our bond strong no need for lies your my precious diamond

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Yungztuh - Listen to your heart (Short)

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