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Bedbugs are small ectoparasites that feed off the blood of mammals. They are found mostly in beds and linens, because this is an easy place for them to feed off humans. Bedbugs are often brought into the home when returning from a vacation destination that was infested, as they can easily crawl into linens, clothing and suitcases. Most bedbug bites can be treated at home, though extremely severe bites require medical attention.

Most bedbug bites are mild and can easily be treated at home. When you experience a bite, resist the urge to scratch, even though it may be itchy. Scratching will increase irritation and inflammation. Instead, dab a cotton ball or swab in rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and rub over the bite. This will kill any bacteria, and ease itching and inflammation. Next, use calamine lotion to prevent itching and alleviate pain. If the bite becomes swollen, use an icepack or cold compress to reduce swelling. Cover with ice for 15 to 20 minutes, and the inflammation will be greatly reduced.

While most bites can be treated at home, allergic reactions can sometimes occur, preventing the bite from healing naturally and causing skin to become more inflamed. Consult with a physician if symptoms worsen, as a doctor may recommend an oral antihistamine to reduce allergic reaction, or corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. You may also be given a prescription for a stronger type of anti-inflammatory cream that will heal the bites more quickly.

If bedbugs have infested your living quarters, it's important to wash linens on a daily basis. Wash all sheets, pillows and blankets in hot water, and dry on high heat. Also vacuum the entire house thoroughly to get rid of any bedbugs that may be lingering in the carpet. This includes under beds, which is an area that is often neglected. Mattress bags are also available. These heavy-duty plastic bags encase the entire mattress, creating an airtight seal, which prevents bedbugs from escape. Wrap the mattress in this bag, then clean the house thoroughly to kill any lingering bedbugs. Chemical sprays are available at most hardware and superstores, or a disinfectant spray like Lysol will work as well.

Bed bug bites are characterized by skin irritation, rashes, ... Bed Bug Bite Treatment. Bedbugs are small ectoparasites that feed off the...

Home Remedy for Bed-Bug Bites. Bed bugs were once exterminated in the United States using DDT and other highly toxic chemicals. ......

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