Reports of Bed Bugs in Myrtle Beach Hotels – Myrtle Beach, South …

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Reports of bed bugs in Myrtle Beach, and the rest of United States are increasing. We are currently monitoring the internet for reports of bed bugs in Myrtle Beach hotels to help you identify which Myrtle Beach hotels have bedbugs. Each Myrtle Beach hotel has at least one mention of bedbugs in the last 12 months. Please take into account that individual reports of bedbugs in Myrtle Beach hotels have not been confirmed by an independent third party. Below is the bed bugs hotel list for the city of Myrtle Beach.

We bring you up to the minute information and reports about bed bug incidents in Myrtle Beach hotels & motels from all over the web. If you had any recent bed bug encounters, please share it with the rest of raveable community by submitting a bed bug report.

Sands Beach Club Resort

Where do I begin with this hotel. Before i arrived to the hotel i looked up the reviews for this hotel. Some reviews while the others were terrible, but i thought i would give the hotel a chance. One review said ask for updated room on first floor. So upon arriving I called the hotel and asked if I could have an updated room on the first floor, they assured me I would. Checked in to the hotel and received my key to a outdated room with the baseboards halfway on the walls. Called and asked for... read full report

Comfort Suites Myrtle Beach

Holiday Sands North

My husband and I took a weekend get-away trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stayed at the Holiday Sands North. Woke up Sunday morning to several bites from a bed bug. Huge welt and all..found bed bug in pillowcase. Reported to Thomas, the general manager and brought the bed bug in a cup so manager could see. Thomas admitted it was a bed bug, but refused to refund our stay, however, he called his maintenance crew to strip room, headboards, etc., and told us to call back regarding refund ... read full report

I visited this past week and both my father and husband broke out all over their arms, backs and shoulders with what appears to be bed bug bites.

Wyndham SeaWatch Plantation

My Girlfriends Father woke up with his back inflamed with BED BUG BITES!

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Reports of Bed Bugs in Myrtle Beach Hotels - Myrtle Beach, South ...

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