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Bed bugs infest as many as one in 10 households, and while infestations peak during the summer, many homes may still have a bed bug problem in the winter. Here with the signs of infestation and prevention tips is Dr. Tedd Mitchell.

Bed bugs, those critters your mother warned you about at night are real, and infestation is on the rise. Some people have severe reactions to bed bug bites, but many have no reaction at all. Since bed bugs only come out to bite after dark, they may go undetected for long periods of time, eventually infesting other furniture, clothing and multiple apartments within a complex. Here are some tips for detecting and preventing bed bugs in your home.

Check your bed frequently. Look for the small reddish-brown bugs with a flashlight at night. Newly hatched bugs are smaller than a stitch hole and may not be seen with the naked eye. However, adult bed bugs can grow to the size of an apple seed.

Travel smart. According to a study by the University of Kentucky, nearly 100 percent of hotels and motels will have a problem with bed bugs at one time or another. Check for bed bugs before you take your clothes out of your luggage and go to sleep. When you get home after a trip, wash all of your laundry from traveling immediately with warm water, and do not mix it with the rest of your laundry.

Remove clutter. Experts believe that the majority of infestations originate because the home is messy. It is important to wash laundry and not let it pile up on the floor, put on fresh bedding regularly and remove barriers from upholstered furniture that may leave it unused for long periods of time.

Winter is not the prime season for bed bugs, but it is a great time to take steps to prevent future infestations in the warmer months. Resolve to remove clutter and clean furniture and bedding now. If you suspect you have a problem, call an expert immediately or the infestation may get worse. For maintaining good health, I'm Dr. Tedd Mitchell.


President Mitchell, the staff and faculty of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) know the talented student body makes TTUHSC a great place to be. It was lonely here without all the great TTUHSC students, but that doesn't mean President Mitchell didn't keep busy.

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President's Prescription: Bed bugs - - Columbia ...

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