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Our client, Mrs. M. sustained numerous painful bed bug bites after staying at a Fairfield Inn and Suites located in South Carolina. When Mrs. M contacted our office she informed our bed bug attorneys she was angry with how the hotel management reacted to her complaint of a bed bug infestation at the hotel. Mrs. M told us she did not want the hotel to not brush her situation under a rug and wanted them to take precautions to ensure others did not end up suffering similar injuries while staying at the hotel.

Mrs. M stayed at the hotel one night in August of 2014. Mrs. M woke up in the morning with numerous bed bug bites on her body. Mrs. M. immediately contacted the front desk and spoke with the manager about her injuries. The manager told Mrs. M. he was aware of the bed bug infestation in Mrs. Ms room but did not apologize.

It is not uncommon for hotel management or employees to respond to a guests complaint of a bed bug infestation with indifference. It is important you document every communication you have with hotel employees or representatives. We strongly recommend that you write down the date of the conversation or correspondent, the name of each individual you spoke with and what they said in response.

Mrs. M required medical treatment as a result of the bed bug infestation and also had to discard of several personal belongings out of fear of spreading the infestation to her home. Although Mrs. M sought medical treatment with one provider and discarded several of her belongings, she was not looking to recover a huge sum of money from Fairfield Inn and Suites. Rather, Mrs. M only wanted Fairfield Inn and Suites to take notice of the harm a poorly maintained hotel room can cause guests.

After Mrs. M retained our firm, our bed bug lawyers immediately started working on Mrs. Ms claim. Within a few months, we were able to successfully settle Mrs. Ms claim for $9,000.00. This settlement far exceeded what Mrs. M believed her claim would settle for and as a result, she was ecstatic. Mrs. M graciously thanked our attorneys for not only reaching a favorable settlement but for also making the hotel aware that maintaining an unsafe room will not go unnoticed.

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Bed Bug Attorneys Settle Claim Against South Carolina ...

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