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A KCK assisted living facility is battling a case of bed bugs.

The Net Giver operates Delaware Highlands Assisted Living, located at North 126th Street and Delaware Parkway, which is a publicly subsidized facility.

The owner of the Net Giver, Jeremy Whitt, says the staff has found bed bugs in three of the residents' rooms, beginning with one room two weeks ago.

"It all depends on the level of severity,"Whitt said about deciding how to handle the situation. "This was a minor incident, and that's not our opinion, but the opinion of (the exterminator) Orkin."

Whitt says the management had Orkin fumigate only the affected room when that first sighting arose. They told maintenance and cleaning staff to keep an eye out but did not inspect other rooms or notify other residents.

"We didn't want to create mass hysteria or confusion with partial information or incomplete information, especially on the first round of this incident," Whitt said.

By Friday staff noticed signs of bedbugs in two adjacent rooms and management stepped up its response, Whitt said.

Monday, Orkin fumigated not just those rooms, but two rooms in every direction on that floor as well as the rooms above and below. Then they began planning how best to inform the rest of the people who live there.

"I didn't know what a bed big looked like so I was kind of curious, said resident Jackie Faught.

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