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PHOENIX, May 19, 2014 -- /PRNewswire/ --

Three Ways Bed Bugs Are Bad for Your Health When most people hear the words "bed bugs," they start to squirm a little and think, do I feel something crawling on me? And then the imaginary itching starts. We won't lie to you: There's nothing pretty about bed bugs. But with the increased news coverage they've received of late in Phoenix, we thought we might shed a little light on why you should be worried, above and beyond the creepiness factor. 1. Bed Bugs Are Parasites Bed bugs live off the blood of their prey, much the way mosquitoes do. They come out mostly at night and get into beds, typically crawling onto legs and feet to bite and feed. Although most people are not allergic to bed bugs, their bites can leave red marks that itch and cause discomfort. For small children who live in a home with a bed bug infestation, they may lose significant blood, especially if they already suffer from anemia. Most bed bugs feed for 3-15 minutes every 3-4 days. 2. Bed Bugs Carry Diseases Just as mosquitoes are known to carry dangerous diseases from person to person when sucking blood from their hosts, bed bugs are also privy to those blood-borne pathogens. According to a study at Purdue University, nearly 30 diseases have been found in bed bugs, including everything from viruses and bacteria to protozoa and parasitic worms. Thankfully, there have been no proven cases in which bed bugs have transferred diseases between hosts, so they are much less dangerous than mosquitoes in this arena. 3. Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly A well-fed bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. While that fact alone is not dangerous to human health, it's the fact that the bed bugs multiply -- in large numbers -- that makes getting rid of them that much more of a challenge. While most bed bugs don't travel once they've set up residence, they certainly can attach themselves to luggage or clothing, and they can lay eggs in those locations as well, meaning they can spread quickly. The squirm factor aside, bed bugs can cause health problems and are a big issue that should concern everyone. Thankfully, when working with Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination, your bed bug problems will be a thing of the past in no time. And if you're concerned that you might have bed bugs (especially after reading this article!), perhaps a bed-bug inspection is the way to go to ensure that your residence is safe. Budget Brothers Termite & Pest Elimination is the premier bed bug and pest exterminator in Phoenix with over 25 years experience and we are happy to answer your questions about bed bugs. Please call us at 602-253-2495 or contact us today to schedule your inspection. Contact: Photo(s):

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Bed Bugs are Parasites and live off of us - PR Newswire ...

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