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Ive heard of bed bugs in clothing at second hand stores, Ive even heard of bed bugs in hospitals, but at Hollister, a store owned by Abercrombie & Fitch?

On Friday, CNN reported that Hollister clothing in the upscale SoHo neighborhood of New York, kept their doors shut to deal with bed bugs. Its reported that in South Street Seaport, another Abercrombie & Fitch clothing store was closed for a time to deal with an infestation of their own.

So how does a clothing store end up with bed bugs?

Its easy, people come to New York, spend the night at an infested hotel, then bring them into the clothing store. Check out this video of a upscale New York hotel reported to be infested and how some smart shoppers spotted it before it was too late! Wow, that looks like a large infestation that should have never been allowed to get that big!.

According to the 2015 bugs without borders survey by the University of Kentucky and NPMA, Bed bugs infestations are on the rise! 75% of the pest control companies survived stated their business grew from the previous year!

Dirty homes, clutter, people who are not clean are the cause of bed bugs, or so people believe this is NOT the case! Imagine you buy a shirt from a department store that unbeknown to you, have bed bugs in the clothing; you take the shirt home end up with an infestation. Imagine how would you feel if they found out you had bed bugs? 500% is only those infestations that have been reported and there are many, many more that go unreported!

As for Hollister, they have asked the City to help come up with a solution to make sure their customers dont find bed bugs in clothing and doing everything within their power to make sure this never happens again.

Moral of the story: When you buy clothing from a department store, no matter how reputable they are, make sure you vigorously shake out the merchandise BEFORE you bring it into your home (or car for that matter!).

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Bed Bugs in Clothing -

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