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Bed Bug Control Services in Columbia SC

Bed bugs can be the most annoying pests present in any home. These tiny devils are hard to spot, as they only come out to feed on human blood during the night. They hide in bedding, under the furniture behind headboards and footboards. They are most commonly found in hotels, public restrooms and hospitals.

Even though a bed bugs bite does not carry disease, it can cause infection if you scratch too much. The bed bug usually leaves red spots and welts on your skin that can be extremely itchy. If you see dark spots on your linens or bedding, its a sign of bed bug infestation that will require control and treatment.

Our Home Pest Control professionals can inspect your home for bed bug infestation and will recommend various bed bug pest treatment options. Once you choose the type of pest control plan that suits your budget, our inspector can come in to start the treatment. However, before that you need to do the following:

1. Put all mattresses, pillows and quilts out in the sun for a few hours.

2. Wash bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and linens in warm water.

3. Dry-clean all furniture, comforters, drapes, curtains, and all other fabric items.

4. Empty your closet; you never know if you have bed bugs in your clothes too.

5. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean the entire home. Once clean, empty the vacuum buckets into a plastic bag and seal it immediately.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can take over your home again, especially if you have frequent in-home guests. Bed bugs easily stick on to suitcases and fabric and travel around to other places. The only way to prevent bed bugs is to keep your home clean and dry at all times. In addition, if you have a visitor, you should have their clothing and the entire suitcase cleaned, and put their suitcase under the sun for a few hours to do away with any bed bugs.

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