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South Carolina and its major cities are at the heart of the bed big infestation explosion in the country. In fact the past decade has witnessed thousands of bed bug bite incidents resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damages incurred by victims and their families. Bed bugs are small wingless and flat insects which feed off the blood of unsuspecting victims who are asleep in hotel rooms and apartment buildings. They are most frequently found in hot and humid areas. Within buildings, they are most likely to be found in dark places like crevices of the walls, inside drawers, under mattresses, and around the bed. A classic sign of a bed bug infestation is blood spots on your sheets, since the bugs like to puncture the human victims skin and take blood.

Our South Carolina bed bug attorneys are dedicated to providing justice on behalf of victims, who have suffered grievous injuries due to bed bug infestations in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Columbia South Carolina. If you have any legal questions after reading this article feel free to contact our law offices. All legal consultations and case reviews are provided 100% free of charge.

Common Locations and Causes of Bed bug Infestation and BitesBelow is a list of the most common places where bed bug infestations take place.

What to Do Steps to Take After a Bed Bug Bite IncidentBelow we will provide an outline of the steps one should take if planning to hire a bed bug lawyer tosue a hotel or landlord for bed bug bites. These are steps that one should take in an ideal situation. However, we do realize thatsometimes you dont know what to do or you are caught up with the horror of the situation. Not taking these steps does not necessarily ruin your chances of getting compensated. Please contact our law offices to find out what our skilled attorneys can do for you.

Statute of Limitations Deadline for Filing a Bed Bug Injury Lawsuit in South CarolinaIn the state of South Carolina victims of personal injury including bed bug bite injury claims will typically have three years from the date of the incident to file a lawsuit in the court of law. Victims who are minors, under the age of 18, typically have three years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a personal injury civil lawsuit in a South Carolina court.

Victims Right to Recovery Financial Compensation for Your Bed Bug Bite InjuriesUnder the common law system of jurisprudence victims of harm due to the negligent, wrongful or illegal acts of others are entitled to financial compensation for all damages they have suffered. The potential value of a bed bug bite personal injury claim is based on several important factors unique to every case. Below you will find a list of the most important factors in determining the potential value of your case.

Costs of Hiring an AttorneyMany individuals hesitate to contact an attorney because of the apparent high costs of legal representation. Unfortunately, may attorneys will charge an upfront fee and hourly fees to help injured victims. Our law firm does not charge any upfront fees. Our legal associates and attorneys provide legal representation for personal injury claims exclusively on a contingency fee basis. Our clients will not have to pay out of pocket for any legal fees or costs until there is a successful resolution of your case. And if for any reason we are not able to win your case you will not owe us a single penny.

Legal Consultation and Case Review Available Free of ChargeOur attorneys are able to provide all victims of bed bug bites with a free no cost case evaluation. Our bed bug attorneys can help in South Carolina and the rest of the United States.

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Bed Bug Lawyer South Carolina Attorney Myrtle Beach

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