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5. Re: Bed Bugs?!?!

I recently had a termite treatment and the exterminator told me when he checks into a hotel, he pulls the mattress away from the headboard and looks, then pulls the bedding away from the mattress and looks before he puts a single piece of their luggage in the room. He tells me while they're small, they aren't so small that you can't see them if you look carefully.

I asked and he has found bedbugs in only one hotel - and he checked out because he said where there are bedbugs in one room, you will often find them in another. I've always taken the attitude that it is what it is and I'ld take my chances, but he told me if you get bedbugs at home, you will have to do the worst spring cleaning you've ever had before exterminators will treat your home because they are extremely different to get rid of. So I have reluctantly decided it is worth our vigilence and will begin doing the check. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Bed Bug Registry, so thanks to Kaylee C.

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