Reports of Bed Bugs in Pigeon Forge Hotels – Pigeon Forge …

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Reports of bed bugs in Pigeon Forge, and the rest of United States are increasing. We are currently monitoring the internet for reports of bed bugs in Pigeon Forge hotels to help you identify which Pigeon Forge hotels have bedbugs. Each Pigeon Forge hotel has at least one mention of bedbugs in the last 12 months. Please take into account that individual reports of bedbugs in Pigeon Forge hotels have not been confirmed by an independent third party. Below is the bed bugs hotel list for the city of Pigeon Forge.

We bring you up to the minute information and reports about bed bug incidents in Pigeon Forge hotels & motels from all over the web. If you had any recent bed bug encounters, please share it with the rest of raveable community by submitting a bed bug report.

Vacation Lodge Motel

We did not reserve the rooms ahead of time, so we stayed in two different rooms for our 4 day stay. The first room we stayed in, 111 had no issues. The next room we stayed in for two nights and was infested. We killed one that was on the wall, but we though it was just a tick and thought nothing of it. The next day, we found one in our bed! We killed it then noticed my husband was COVERED in bites! It was actually really sad because we had stayed here before and loved this hotel. Never again ... read full report

Royal Inn

Country Hearth Pigeon Forge

Family Inns of America - West -Pigeon Forge

Grand Inns of America

they retired before the bed bug incident this month!

Microtel Suites at Music Road

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Reports of Bed Bugs in Pigeon Forge Hotels - Pigeon Forge ...

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