Top Rated Bed Bug Treatments For Homes In MD, VA & D.C.

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First, its important to note that bed bugs are non-discriminatory pests, they dont care how grand or how little your home is, if its sparkling clean or a mess. All theyre after is a blood meal and they can find that anywhere people congregate. Homeowners often discover bed bugs after:

Theyve arrived home from a vacation or business trip. Bed bugs are notorious for being found in beds and may hitch a ride on your suitcase from the airport or train station. They can also be found on planes, trains, taxis, and other public transportation. In fact, entomologists speculate that the rising cases of bed bug infestations may be due, in part, to increased international travel.

Bringing home used furniture, mattresses or other secondhand items. If you see items on the side of the road marked free, keep driving by as it could be infested and discarded by the previous owner. You should also be careful when browsing at moving or garage sales and even at second hand stores. If you decide that the item is a must have, inspect very carefully (paying special attention to seams) for live bed bugs or signs of them.

Having houseguests in residence. Welcoming out of town family and friends for the holidays or just because is exciting. It can also lead to bed bug infestations. Your guests may have traveled on public transportation or stayed at a hotel a night or two when in route to your house. They may unknowingly bring bed bugs into your dwelling.

Picking your college student up. School dormitories have become a hot spot for bed bug activity and if your child hasnt been careful, he or she could accidentally bring bed bugs back on their belongings.

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Top Rated Bed Bug Treatments For Homes In MD, VA & D.C.

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