Bed bug scare closes Towson,Maryland district courthouse …

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TOWSON, Md. -- The district courthouse in Towson, Maryland was shut down by bed bugs this week, and it's not the first time, according to CBS Baltimore.

Officials say two bed bugs were found in a file room Wednesday.

The same room, the station says, where one of the insects was discovered in December.

"It's very concerning because the safety and health of our employees is a top priority, also for the public," Terri Charles, Maryland judiciary spokesperson, told CBS Baltimore.

According to the station, the courthouse closed early Wednesday and an exterminator brought in determined there was no infestation. Jeff Hauf of Regional Pest Management says it's likely the bugs were brought in by someone on the outside.

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"They're hitchhikers. So when they have them at home, they get carried in," said Hauf.

The courthouse isn't the only government building in the area that's recently had to shut down due to bed bugs.

Late last year, they were found at the Maryland State Highway Administration building in chairs at a security desk,

And, the station adds, in September, workers at the Maryland Department of the Environment got a day off after bed bugs were found at headquarters.

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Bed bug scare closes Towson,Maryland district courthouse ...

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