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1. Re: Bed Bugs?

I've been going to OC for 35 years and while I can't tell you about any hotels in OC that have bed bugs, I can say that you should take them VERY seriously!

We got them once from a hotel in Wilkes Barre and you cannot get rid of them! We threw away thousands of dollars in bedding etc. including a brand new king size mattress. We ended up moving and had to wash every single piece of clothing and inspect everything before we moved it -- and we had a very minor infestation.

Whenever I check in to a hotel, the very FIRST thing I do is pull the sheets up and look around the mattress seams for signs of them. Luckily I have not found any in the hotels I have stayed in. We had one close call at the Carousel. I found stains on a mattress which resembled beg bug stains, but no bugs themselves. I went to the front desk and reported it, and I must say the clerk did not surprised. She moved me to another room, which after strict inspection was deemed "bug free".

I also always check Trip Advisor for reviews of the hotel. Many times travelers who encounter bugs will post it in their review.

Anyway, all travelers should check for bed bugs when checking in to a hotle. And note that they are not just in cheap motels. Many luxury hotels experience problems with them as well. They are not like roaches which are attracted to food and unclean conditions. They just want people!

Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope it helps.

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Bed Bugs ? - Ocean City Forum - TripAdvisor

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