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Does the phrase good night, dont let the bed bugs bite bear a literal meaning in your household? If so, you may need a bit of help getting rid of these creepy creatures.

Although bed bugs were almost eradicated a while back, they keep getting reintroduced due to frequent travel and other factors. Contrary to the popular belief, you cant get infected by bed bugs. That said, bed bugs are a nuisance and their bites may cause a variety of skin reactions from red, itchy welts to inflammation and severe allergic responses. Besides the discomfort caused by the bites, the thought of something feeding on you in your sleep makes it difficult to rest at night.

Theyre annoying, and can reproduce 3 or 4 generations of offsprings in one yearso immediate action is necessary to eliminate the problem.

If you think you have beg bugs infesting your Maryland home, contact the bug experts at Brody Brothers Pest Control. We offer a successful approach to pest extermination and can rid your home of bed bugs as soon as possible!

Bed bugs are small flat insects, reddish-brown in color, that can infest your home and cause annoyances like bug bites, rashes, and other health related issues. Light infestations of bed bugs can be difficult to detect; most people dont realize they have bed bugs until the population is about 100 or more.

Two of the most common signs that you have bed bugs are:

If youre wondering how they get into your home, the answer is simple: you bring them in. Bed bugs, as the name suggests, primarily make their home in beds or wherever people sleep. They live in sheets, mattresses, baseboards, and furniture. Bed bugs are primarily nocturnal but can also be active during the day, travelling as far as 20-feet from their hiding spots.

Due to their small size, fast movement, and nocturnal lifestyle, bed bugs can easily crawl into your luggage when you travel or ride along on your friends PJs when they come for a sleepover.

Here are some of the common places where you can pick up bed bugs:

Bed bugs dont discriminate by income, tidiness or geography. They are found in all 50 states in sanitary, unsanitary, low and high income households. If you leave your home or invite people over, there is an opportunity for bed bugs to get in.

That being said, if you see a bed bug in your home or you notice suspicious bites that appeared overnight, you should avoid sleeping in a different room, as this can cause bed bugs to spread further in a search for a new food source. Then, call Brody Brothers Pest Control immediately. We have an Integrated Pest Management approach to bed bug control. Our process looks a bit like this:

Bed bugs are one of the toughest pests to get rid of, but as the leading bed bug exterminators in Baltimore, Brody Brothers have had success with our IPM approach. If you think your home in Baltimore, Maryland or a surrounding area is infested, contact us online or give us a call at 443-379-8857!

Brody Brothers offers third party canine testing to thoroughly check your home for bedbugs. There are dogs specially trained to sniff out any signs of a bedbug infestation, allowing us to detect the bedbugs early and minimize any damage. Contact us today if you are interested in having this service incorporated into your bed bug extermination.

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Bed Bug Control in Baltimore, MD | Maryland Pest Exterminator

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