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Just curious --- having been a victim of bedbugs in Baltimore two years ago --- I'm wondering (redsox53) if there is a specific reason why you are asking?

I think jwhiteree gave really good advice. In my case, it was at a BWI hotel in 10/08 (where I'd stayed several times before) and it ruined my week-long vacation. The hotel was moving me all over the place (room-to-room) and saying things like....*oh, that's just fuzz.* Not when I was getting bitten, it wasn't. I proved it to them with a roll of scotch tape --- taping the larva to a pillow case. I never saw an adult bedbug. They comp'd me all my meals for a week, without ever admitting they had a problem. They said nobody else had complained. I would have left the hotel completely but paid via Hotwire and couldn't afford a different hotel. Plus there was a bedbug problem in a local college then so I figured (if I left) I might just get stuck in another hotel with the same problem.

The good news is --- they were in the process of a complete renovation already so they also threw away all their mattresses, lines, bed coverings, towels, etc. The WHOLE hotel. Plus, as part of the renovation, they replaced their flooring.

Knowing they were renovating and they *appeared* to be doing something about it, I agreed to stay there again in 04/09. When I walked in, everyone recognized me from 6 months earlier. That blows my mind as I could not POSSIBLY have been the only person to complain but the stink I made, with visits to the desk (thus it was embarrassing to them while other guests were there), was evidently memorable.

Bottom-line. There were ZERO problems the next time. No bedbugs and the entire staff was very nice to me. They didn't admit the problem the previous visit but they too seemed relieved to be rid of it. It was the Holiday Inn BWI, BTW, and the issue had been solved last year.

I realize there is a problem in certain areas but as some indicate, there are things you can do to prevent the spread. I always avoid putting luggage on the bed but I like jwhite's suggestion of putting it in the bathtub (or at least the bathroom). I've stayed in 3 different hotels in the area since and no problem.

Are you concerned about reports in the area (?) or did someone tell you something about that specific hotel? You say you called the hotel but did you also e-mail them (for a record) and tell them why you are concerned?

Good luck. It's not fun so, like you, I tend to be very diligent on this issue in that area. Actually, any area lately which tends to be humid.

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