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Non-toxic and eco-friendly:

The Bed Bug Barrier Killer powder is made from amorphous silica, which is more widely known as Diatomaceous Earth Dust (DED). This environmentally friendly element is naturally occurring, and is recommended by a number of environmental groups.

The Bed Bug Killer powder is harmless to children and pets if ingested, so you dont have to worry about them if they lick a treated area. You can also rest peacefully knowing that you are not contributing to global warming by using expensive heat treatments that uses loads of energy.

Unlike pest controllers who can easily charge you in excess of $600 per room to treat your home and business with toxic-chemicals and poisons, our Bed Bug Barrier solutions are extremely affordable. To find out how little you will have to invest to have complete peace of mind when it comes to Bed Bugs please call 1300 760 646, or browse our products here: Bed Bug Killer Powder, Bed Bug Powder Duster, Floor Barriers, Screw In Barriers, Bed Bug Barrier Tape, Mattress Protectors, Base Protectors, Pillow Covers, Bed Bug Steamer and Luggage Encasements.

You could literally save thousands of dollars in pest control fees and room downtime by using our Bed Bug Barrier Control treatment products. Not to mention providing protection from potential financial ruin if your business is listed on sites like Trip advisor who tell the whole world your hotel is infested with bed bugs.

Bed Bug Killer powder was scientifically tested with 100% effectiveness, and was registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) in Sept 2011

This is not a here today, gone tomorrow kind of product. With over 3000 treatments sold and not a singe complaint you can be sure the Bed Bug Barrier treatment program is the most effective available anywhere in the world.

Bed Bug Barrier has also received a number of awards, including winner of the ABCs The New Inventors 2009 and making it onto Ant Hills very competitive Top 100. The Bed Bug Barriers and Barrier Tape have also been scientifically tested to be 100% effective against bed bugs by Americas leading bed bug entomologist, Changlu Wang.

You can trust that the Bed Bug Barrier solution is going to be around for decades to come, and that our company will always be available when you need us.

Because of the unique way in which the Bed Bug Killer works, bed bugs do not stand a chance. The Bed Bug Killer powder scratches at the shells of the bed bugs and draws all of the moisture from their bodies. This causes the bed bugs to die from dehydration.

This means you never have to worry that the bed bugs will build up resistance to the Bed Bug Barrier Solution. Because the solution does not poison the internal organs of the bed bugs, they are unable to build up resistance to it.

All Bed Bug Barrier Treatment Products have been developed to be completely discreet and serenely blend into your home or hotel room furniture.

Your reputation as a hotel owner is protected. No customer will know that the room they are sleeping in was treated that very morning with our Bed Bug Barrier Solution.

Are you worried that this DIY solution may take up a lot of training time? Our products are easy to install and you can complete a total Bed Bug Barrier Treatment for a room in under 30 minutes. Simply watch our DIY instructional video which shows you exactly what to do.

If you have Bed Bugs In your home or business or would like to ensure your family and guest are protected with the only 100% non-toxic, proactive preventative bed bug killing solution, then the Bed Bug Barrier product range is exactly what you have been searching for.

So dont take the risk anymore, stop wasting time and money, and call us today to find out how our solution can help you get rid of bed bugs the fast and natural way.

You will get free expert help and advice.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs | Symptoms | Signs | Treatment | Pictures

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