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In response to your first post, bed bugs do not only bite in the summer, so if you are only experiencing trouble then, you may be reacting to a different pest.

In addition, each bed bug needs to feed about once a week, on average. If you are going weeks without bites and then being bitten, think about what youre doing or where youre going is there some way you are being exposed to bed bugs sometimes? An example would be visiting someone who may have an infestation unknown to them (and you), sitting in a chair you rarely sit on, or (in your case) encountering bed bugs on the job.

Bed bugs do not stick to people like ticks, though they can crawl into your clothing or stuff and hitch a ride. Bed bugs are also spreading and a lot of people moving may have them (whether they realize it or not). You should learn as much as you can and take precautions not to pick them up at work. And consider having your home carefully inspected by an experienced pro, in order to give you some peace of mind.

In response to your second comment, none of your comments have been deleted or edited or sent to spam. There was no photo posted above when you commented, so I am not sure which photo you are referring to when you ask if this is typical. However, I do note it can be possible to have bed bugs and not yet see any signs. An experienced professional may have more luck finding evidence.

Please come to the forums if you have additional questions or need support.

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