Maryland Residents Mini Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs

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Are you concerned about getting a bed bug infestation in your Maryland home? We understand why. Bed bugs are disturbing pests. There is something unsettling about bugs that wait for you to go to sleep and then come out to feed on you while you're unconscious and defenseless. But that isn't where they're creepiness ends. Bed bugs have a preference for human blood. You're not just one of many warm-blooded mammals to feed on; you are the preferred meal choice. Bed bugs prefer human blood so much, they have chosen to dwell with us almost exclusively since the dawn of human history. This makes them frustrating to prevent. Why? Because they don't come into your Maryland home in a way that is preventablelike most other pests do. You can't invest in a residential pest control program for the exterior of your home and call it a day. Bed bugs hitchhike into your home, bypassing any exterior pest control barrier you have in place. This requires a different kind of pest prevention. Here's what you need to know.

Would you know a bed bug if you saw one? You might not. When bed bugs first hatch, they don't look like adult bed bugs. They aren't a rusty brown color, they're pale or tan in coloration. This is what stage they're likely to be in when you see them because immature nymphs can feed any time of day. Adult bed bugs prefer to wait for CO2 levels to climb before they come out to feed, which is usually at night. If you see a pale, mostly transparent insects with six legs and a bright red abdomen feeding on your skin, it is important that you recognize it as a bed bug. Proper identification could prevent you from bringing an infestation home with you.

No matter where you go, always keep an eye out for bed bug warning signs. Bed bugs can be anywhere. They've been found infestating all forms of public transportation, movie theaters, libraries, daycares, schools, police lockups, retail stores, and many more. If they can find people sitting, lounging, or sleeping in a dark room, they can find a blood meal. Look for these signs:

If anyone in your home spends the night somewhere, consider taking these precautions to keep from bringing an infestation home:

When you get home from a trip, run all of your laundry items through a hot dryer cycle for 30 minutes. It is a good idea to put duffle bags, sleeping bags, and other items that won't be damaged, through a 30-minute dryer cycle as well. Your dryer is a powerful weapon in the war on bed bugs. Sustained high temperatures kill bed bugs in all stages of development.

There are two ways to deal with bed bugs when you see them. Your dryer is the first and most powerful tool for killing bed bugs but, when you can't dry an item, you'll need to do something else. If the bed bugs or bed bug eggs are in a place you can directly treat, you can use rubbing alcohol. If they are inside an item, it is a more complicated issue and we suggest that you let a professional treat the specific item.

If you live in Maryland, remember that American Pest is always standing by to assist you with any pest control issue you're dealing with, including bed bugs. We offer comprehensive bed bug treatment options for residents and businesses throughout Maryland and fast relief from these tormenting pests. Reach out to us. We're here to help.

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Maryland Residents Mini Guide To Avoiding Bed Bugs

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