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Many of the discussions below are from visitors around the world who have successfully treated their bed bug infestation. Most of the treatment made use of inexpensive products that can be found at local stores. There are also many treatments that didnt work and many more questions and answers on dealing with bed bugs.

This page contains discussions relating to our bed bug treatment page you should start there for quick tips that work before reading these discussions.

In reviewing these discussions, we found one behavior that was the main cause of treatments failing, and that was patience and diligence. No matter what method you use to treat, You MUST stick with that treatment there is no quick path to getting rid of these bugs!


The way I get rid of bed bugs is to use any spray that has alcohol content and find it kills them instantly. Start by spraying the bugs slowly since the pressure may move them and then try to cover them with the liquid.


will a home fogger kill them


Hi Jeni,

They say insecticides with d-Phenothrin as an active ingredient are most effective on bedbugs, but make sure the product is made for household use or you could end up damaging the items you spray it on!

No matter what the product says, always use care when around children and the elderly, especially people who are immunocompromised or sensitive to products such as these.

When heavy infestation, you probably wont get rid of all the bed bugs at first and will have to hit them again in 10-14 days. Also, be aware that pest control companies are the best bet at dealing with heavy infestation of bed bugs. Failed attempts at do-it-yourself pest control means that bed bugs have that much more time to multiply.

Note: The general consensus are that insecticide sprays are not the effective. Unless it specifically states that its safe to use on your mattress, dont use it. If the product does not guarantee it safe and danger free for humans, then Id stay away from it!

Best regards,


Bob Henry::

I recently moved into a subsidized housing unit and made the mistake of leaving my bed flat on the floor, without the legs; there is no infestation, but they are lurking. One easy method of preventing bed bugs from climbing onto your bed is to put a plastic Tupperware container under each leg of the bed; as of yet no bug has climbed the smooth plastic and over the lip of the container. If you have further doubts as to whether they can climb over the containers, fill them with water.


I just bought a new mattress and a bed set. Bed Bugs appear a lot and I tried to use a spray to kill them. I was panicked and did not know what to do as this is the first time in dealing with pest control. It started from the new set and then to master bedroom and other rooms.

Singapore only sells the dust mite protectors for mattresses with rubber bands and not with a zipper. Do you sell it? Please let me what can I do to prevent the bed bugs.

Thanks and much appreciated.

Meagan Boykin::

I am pregnant and just found bed bugs in my bed. I live in an apartment and I need to know what I can do to get rid of them? Are the owners responsible to getting rid of these?


The only way to keep bed bugs from infesting your home is to avoid buying second hand furniture, books, clothing, etc be informed of your friends and family who are infected so that you may protect yourselves and your home.

Do not over crowd your home with items, clutter is their hide out. Room to room carpeting is a no, no. Bed bugs can breed in the fabrics of your carpets, especially where there is an opening where they can hide underneath. When cleaning your home, dont do it half way.

Make sure you use citrus or citronella cleansing solutions mixed with rubbing alcohol, but make sure you do not mix chemicals which might harm you in process. Keep it natural as possible. And yes, use Diatomaceous Earth in all corners, cracks and openings in your home. Make sure you use it on your carpets, under your bed, around your bed, anywhere there is a hiding place. Even in your closets and drawers.

Check for blood spots and wash your fabrics as suggested according to the label of your fabric. And keep checking for signs of them anywhere you look, and spray some of that powder on them and their eggs.

Keep the temperature of your home on the cooler side, for these bugs thrive in warm temperatures. In winter time, leave your windows open and your air conditioning or heating off to freeze the bugs to death, if you can afford to.

All the best


I was able to vacate my house with the heat off during a cold night and freeze my infestation out. I saved hundreds on an exterminator with this technique!


Hello Matt,

To kill the bed bugs in your home by turning the heat off, you would have to get the house down to about 5F for a day and if the infestation is heavy, youre going to need a few days at -5F. Just turning off the heat and an outside temperature of 0F doesnt mean the inside of the house will be 0. Insulation, length of time, size and more are all factors you need to consider.

Im guessing you live in a very cold area?

Best regards,



I have just returned from Mexico. I have 3 bites. One on my jawline, one on my collarbone and one under my armpit. They are red, with a raised center and tiny white center. They are incredibly painful, but NOT in the least itchyI read that if you have multiple bites, it is NOT a spider, but rather it is likely bedbugs.has anyone ever heard of bedbug bites that do not itch, but instead are just intensely painful?


I returned home from traveling recently and brought bed bugs home with me. It was a nightmare! No matter what i did i could not get rid of them. After getting the pest controller back 3 times he that they were probably under the carpet and it needed to be ripped up which was going to cost me a lot of money.

Then I came across a low cost bed bug barrier that fit onto the bed legs with a special glue that traps Bed Bugs. The glue lasts over 1 year so will protect from any eggs that hatch later no. There were no chemicals needed and was so much cheaper than using a pest controllers. I simply moved my bed away from the wall, applied Bed Bug Barriers and have never been bitten since.

Thank you!



I live in 4 plex and have found 3 bed bugs in my bed. I found them behind my headboard and have put that in the trash.

Im araid to buy a new bed and have no idea how I got the bugs in the first place. Im stressing out here and hope to find a solution on your site. Im so afraid that I cant even sleep at night!



Just a comment, when I went to the exterminator to buy the insecticide to kill the bed bugs, they told me that cold will not kill bed bugs. That like most other bugs, bed bugs will just go into a hibernation state and once it warms up, they will be on the prowl again. They said that the only thing that will kill them beside chemicals is extreme heathigh setting on a dryerfor 40 minutes.

Also, bed bug barriers on the bottom of your bed legs will not always work as bed bugs have been known to crawl up the wall and fall on their prey if they cannot get up the bed.

Keith Gordon::

The Truth About Bed Bugs From A Pro

I have been in pest control for 16 years. 5 years ago we started to get calls for bed bugs. I have performed over 300 treatments and have found that they are not very hard to get rid of at all. Most companies will tell you that you need to have multiple treatments done. This is not true at all. 80% of the jobs I have done require only one treatment. 99% of them are stopped by the second treatment and, I have never, ever had to treat more than 4 times (that only happened once).

The fact of the matter is, if you find and treat every single bed bug harborage on the first attempt, you will have killed every single bug in the house. Thats just a fact. In fact, many times there is only one harborage. The key is to not miss anything. But, even if you do miss some, if you treat properly, you can still get rid of them. Its just not that big of a deal.

Any insecticide will kill a bed bug very easily. They are not that resistant to insecticides. When I have to go back a second time it is because I missed something or the customer did not allow 30 days for it to work. You must allow 30 days for nature to take its coarse. You have to let the eggs hatch and let the new bed bugs get exposed.

The last thing you want to do is change your behavior. Dont sleep on the couch. They will just go dormant or move to the couch. If they move we hope that they will get into the product but, that does not always work. Just keep sleeping in your bed. I know that doesnt sound good but, you will get much quicker results if you do.

I have never failed and I never will. If you are worried about the products we use, dont be. When they are used according to the EPA label standards, there are no potential health risks. These products are designed for this purpose and affect the insect in ways that can only harm the insect. They have an internal make up that is different from that of mammals. The chemistries take advantage of those differences and thus are void in the human system. Besides, we dont treat the entire mattress. We only treat the crevices that they live in.

Modern insecticides are largely misunderstood. They get a bad rap from the old, outdated, products that we have not used for decades. You have nothing to worry about. Bed bugs are much easier to get rid of than German Roaches. I do it every single day. Its no big deal.

Good Luck!

Keith Gordon::

After writing my last comment I went back and read some of the other comments. I dont want to insult anyone, I just want to get the truth out about bed bugs. Dont get me wrong. Im not trying to sell you anything (unless you live in Iowa. He He!). It just bothers me about how much misinformation is out there. Im here to help. Most home owners are misinformed and even quite a few professionals could use some education. I have spent a large part of the last 5 years studying this subject and, I am somewhat of an expert. I dont want to brag but I know exactly what I am talking about and, my treatments have never failed. I have achieved 100% control in 100% of my accounts.

1. Many of you have paid large amounts of money for a professional treatment. When we first started getting calls for bed bugs we charged quite a bit too because we didnt yet know how little we could get away with and still get control. Now that we have learned that they are very easy to get rid of we have dropped our prices a ton. I can treat an apartment for $250 $450. A house may be a bit more. It depends on how many beds and pieces of furniture we have to treat. Many companies have not lowered their prices yet because they have not learned that bed bug infestations are often very localized. Bed bugs just dont spread all over the place unless you ignore them for months or fail to do a proper treatment. Most of the time we find 2 or 3 small harborages and thats it.

2. If you had a professional treat 3 times, I would bet that he did it correctly but you didnt allow 30 days for all the eggs to hatch. Nothing on Earth will make the eggs hatch other than time. It is also not true that eggs can be killed with insecticides. If you are told that an insecticide will kill the eggs too, you are being lied to. Steam will kill the eggs but insecticides wont When you hear about eggs being killed, what they are talking about is insect growth regulators (IGRs). They do not kill eggs. They keep insects from growing to a mature size. Thus, they will not be able to reproduce. The eggs will hatch no mater what we do (other than steam heat) and, you will see live bed bugs for 30 days. A few days after they are exposed to the products, they will die. There is no way around this. You did not waste your money on the treatment. The only reason your glue traps worked is because the treatment finally worked. I bet if you look at your traps there is nothing in them. I would also like to say that if you were told to rip up your carpet, this guy had no business being in the pest control business. They do not live under carpet. They quite often will get under the very edge of the carpet (which can be very easily treated) but, they do not ever crawl clear under it. I take back what I said earlier. He may not have done the job properly. All he needed to know is that you would see them for at least 30 days. He is incompetent but, it sounds like his treatment finally worked. Like I said, they are easy to get rid of. Even an incompetent technician should be able to get them stopped.

3. It is true that cold is not as effective as heat. You would need to keep the house at sub-zero temps for a week or 2. The fact that you have not seen any since you opened your windows tells me that you must have thrown out whatever they were living on, performed some sort of treatment that finally worked (remember the 30 day rule) or you only transported a few male bed bugs (and no females) into your home. That happens all the time. If 1 or 2 males crawl into your suitcase, and you take them home, the problem will take care of itself. As for steam, if you were successful at steam treating every harborage, you would notice instant results. Steam is effective but if you miss one single egg or pregnant female, you will need to have a residual insecticide in key locations to kill what you missed. I use steam sometimes and it is effective but, it is not a silver bullet.

4. Glue traps under the bed legs will not work if the bugs are already living on your bed. In addition, if your sheets ever touch the ground they can crawl right on to the bed. I also agree that they can drop off the ceiling. This alone will not be effective. Glue traps as part of an integrated pest management program will help but alone they will not stop the problem. Think of it this way. Bed bugs that are not living on the bed are going to keep reproducing wherever their harborage is located. They will just keep getting worse. Eventually one female will find her way into the bed. It is a bad idea to use these as a stand alone control device.

5. The person that said they found bed bugs on the head board and threw the head board away may have solved his/her problem just by getting rid of the harborage. Remember, these things dont just run all over the place. The find a nice little crack or crevice that is close to a blood meal and they move in. Once this harborage is established they only leave their harborage to feed. Bed bugs do not always live on beds and furniture but, many times they do. If that is the case, all you have to do is get rid of whatever they are living on. If you want to keep it, all you have to do is treat it. Its just that simple.

I could go on and on but I think what I have given you should be helpful.


We found bed bugs in my sons room, we treated his room and now we have them in the master bedroom. We are going to treat the entire house, which means to pack and bag everything!!!

We have hardwood floor and we have been told that the bed bugs could be living in some of the cracks in the floor. It was suggested to us that we should do the floors to cover every single crack, meaning, hiring a flooring company to put a clear coat on the floors all over the house. This represents a monumental job, not to mention how expensive that would be.

Are we really at risk to get them back if we dont do the floors?


I cannot get rid of these dang little bugs! i am on a tight budget and all of the things that i have seen to kill bedbugs cost a lot! Please tell me what i can do to get rid of them!


I am wondering if that diatomaceous earth is safe around pets. I know you say its natural but I want to be sure. Will flea powder do the same thing or does it have to be diatomaceous earth?

I have never dealt with this before. I am very frustrated by the fact that I have bites all over my body seemingly overnight. I got a mattress cover and vacuumed do I also need to treat my curtains? This is so frustrating. I cant afford an exterminator.


Hello Kristen,

Try food grade diatomaceous earth which is EPA approved against indoor and outdoor crawling insects and is also FDA approved for internal and external use and has a rating of Food Chemical Codex Grade.


Hello Kristen

You can also go to your local department store, find the section that sells bug killer and look for ChemFree Insectigone. This stuff is silicone dioxide (present as Diatomamaceous Earth). This stuff is safe for pets. I have first hand experience with it due to an ant invasion last year and than bed bugs this year! The only bad thing about DE is I find it clogs your vacuum cleaner.

Janina Kraus::

I discovered my BB problem in Early January. Seems I inherited it from my recent next door neighbor whom after 5 months has moved again. Obviously, though he blunted denied it, he has been transferring it all over the city.

His bed was adjacent to mine, and only divided by a wall. They came through the floorboards or outlets. I have had an exterminator in to treat all furniture, baseboards etc. with pyrethoid and have since discarded the bed, moved to the coach which he previously treated and 2 weeks later I have re-treated with a bottle of the same which he left me as well as treated around every floorboard, outlet and pipes (kitchen and bath), under all furniture and sporadically through out the carpeting and floors with Mother earth/DE.

It has only been 2 more weeks since, and I have noticed a marked improvement. By the way, I took a few days off work, and on my hands an knees, brushed all carpets and picked up eggs (though I dont know if they were spent) and steam cleaned most of the carpeting.

Hoping this will eradicate the situation and murder the bed bugs once and for all!

Please let me know if you think I have done enough. I too am terrified to sleep at night!

Janina (Mississauga/Ontario)


Hey guys, I just wanted to say that our house has been infested to and right now we are having a hard time with pest control.

I thought that if we get the beds out we would be good. we dont have a bad case of it but well enough to where we just dont want them. So we have found more eggs and treating for bed bugs in every room.

So far I have heard getting some chemical and spraying works and that dehydrating them works. Well, lets hope so because I cant take these nasty things anymore!

I just dont understand? Our house is always clean.

Well, Im praying this bed bug treatment really works!



I noticed bed bugs in my studio 3 years ago when I woke up with what seemed mosquito bites and then thought it was a spider bite I cleaned my sleeping area and didnt find anything and then my neighbor complained her daughter had bites and my mother in law was the one that told me they were bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs Treatment and Extermination Testimonials - Page 1

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