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Effective, affordable pest solutions for the Omaha area.

The professionals at Priority Pest Control are Omaha leaders in pest management. For over 15 years, we have served the Omaha and surrounding areas providing both commercial and residential pest control. As a local business, we are deeply invested in providing the highest quality pest control services to our community.We are a family-owned and operated pest control business, providing comprehensive pest control and rodent control services. Our Omaha pest services include:

As a Priority Pest Control customer, you can expect an outstanding customer service experience, as wells as an affordable, effective solution to any pest control problem. This time of year, we helped hundreds of Omaha homes get ride of mice, bats, spiders, and other unwelcome visitors. As the weather gets colder, pests move indoors which can lead to nasty surprises for homeowners without a pest control plan. Be proactive, and give us a call about our mice control, spider control, and bat control in Omaha!

When you call usabout a pest, youre looking for pest control that is both quick-acting and long-lasting! We value your time and peace mind. Thats why Omaha familieshave trusted our interior and exterior pest control services to keep their lives pest-free for over 15 years! Call for a quote about your Omaha pest control problem, and a Priority Pest Control expert will provide an on-site evaluation, and offer a pest control solution that fits your family, your home, and your budget.

Priority Pest Control is licensed and insured in both Iowa and Nebraska with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Dont let spiders, ants, bed bugs, or other creepy-crawlies make you uncomfortable in your own home or business. We take care of pests, so that you dont have to! We are committed to Omaha pest control because a pest-free home is a happy, healthy home. When you notice a pest problem, dont wait for it get worse or waste time trying to solve the problem yourself;Call the Omaha pest professionals at Priority Pest Control!

Serving a large portion of Southeast Nebraska including:

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Bed Bugs - Termites | Priority Pest Control - Omaha, NE

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