BedBug Chasers Rated #1 Iowa Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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BedBug Chasers the Iowa Bed Bug Heat Treatment Specialists.

#1 Treatment for Bed Bugs in Iowa. One & Done Bed Bug Treatment Services serving Eastern Iowa.

Looking for a permanent solution to Bed Bugs in Iowa? Our One & Done Bed Bug Heat Treatment Iowa Services in Iowa are the most effective and least expensive method of treating your home for bed bugs in Iowa! Contact the Bed Bug Treatment Specialists inIowa City, Dubuque, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, and all of Central / Eastern Iowa.

Bed bug problems in Iowa are never fun to deal with, and if your attempt at bed bug removal isnt done correctly it can make for even bigger bed bug problems! If you have bed bugs, then you need to call BedBug Chasers in IA! BedBug Chasers are the bed bug experts that use a bed bug heat treatment in Iowa, that works 100% every time. Iowa Bed Bug Chemical treatments can require multiple applications and days to complete, but BedBug Chasers Heat Treatment only takes one day!

BedBug Chasers of Cedar Rapids has partnered up with Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust to provide financing options for our bed bug heat treatment services in Iowa. With several options, they can help lessen the impact of the bed bug treatment cost by spreading it over a year or even five years. Contact them today at 319-862-2728.

Unlike typical pest control professionals who rely on traditional marketing methods and word-of-mouth advertising, BedBug Chasers unique marketing model allows us to place your privacy first. Our team arrives in unmarked vehicles, and our equipment and uniforms display no logoswe dont even carry business cards! We are experts in discretionyour neighbors will never know why were there unless you want them too.

Just one bed bug can turn into a big problem! One pregnant female can become 22 bed bugs in six weeks, those 22 bed bugs can become 106 bed bugs in 12 weeks, those 106 bed bugs become 421 bed bugs in 16 weeks, and those 421 bed bugs turn into over 13,000 in just 6 months! One single bed bug can easily lead to big bed bug problems in IA, so if it happens in your home or business, you want to solve your bed bug problems in Iowa immediately, and of course the first time!

Because we at BedBug Chasers are the Bed Bug experts, we know that bed bugs can survive almost anything, including extreme temperatures. After two years of research and development, we developed our Iowa bed bug heat treatment heaters that produce 68,288 BTUs each with an airflow at 3,000 CFMs, our heaters are eco-friendly, safe, and heat your home evenly to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit, the necessary temperature to kill bed bugs in the Cedar Rapids area! Our Iowa Bed Bug Heat Treatment takes only one time to be effective, you can return to your home immediately and upon your return, you can be confident your home is bed bug free!

Sure, theres many methods you can choose for your bed bug solution in Iowa , but other methods take much longer, are more costly, and some can even cause mold! Not only that, but most only kill adult bed bugs, excluding their nymphs and eggs. BedBug Chasers Heat Treatment method should be your number one choice for your bed bug solution in IA because it kills all stages of bed bugs in a safe and time efficient matter.

If you have bed bugs in Iowa, its very important to call BedBug Chasers for your needed bed bug removal in Iowa! Our heaters are safe, our heat treatment is quickly done, at the end we at BedBug Chasers will provide you with a certified report that shows what we encountered and the temperatures that were reached throughout your home using our 100% effective Iowa bed bug removal method!

Your peaceful nights sleep is closer than you think, all you need to do is call BedBug Chasers to get rid of your bed bugs!

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BedBug Chasers Rated #1 Iowa Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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