Bed Bug Report for Holiday Inn, Davenport, IA

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Kristin Meyer on 04/28/2014

I am the General Manager of the Clarion Hotel that is at this address. It is true that we have had a reported case of bed bugs (2) in the past years. Unfortunately this can happen at even the cleanest of hotels. Bed bugs are usually brought in by other travelers and are not a case of the hotel being dirty. We are as proactive as possible with ongoing training of our staff and also with monthly treatment from a certified pest control company. We are more than happy to share any and all document

ation we have regarding our practices. The Scott County Health department would be the agent of record for any report that was actually made to the Health Department.

Thank you, Kristin Meyer General Manager

Anonymous on 08/11/2013

Me and 4 of my friends stayed at the Clarion on 05/03/2013-05/05/2013 in room 347. We were there for a convention. when i got home i took some of my clothes into my moms room and layed them on her bed because they had to be hand washed, about a week or two later my mom began getting fairly sever outbreaks of hives it took us awhile to figure out that the hives were actually bedbug bites. I was the only one to return home with any. This is clearly a serious problem that the hotel has failed to ad

dress and they need to get rid of them.

W on 04/29/2012

Stayed with a group on 4/27/12. Obviously the bed bug problem reported on this website is true and not irradiated. Do not stay here.

Rooms effected 359, 361, 368

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Bed Bug Report for Holiday Inn, Davenport, IA

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