Iowa Bed Bug Control

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Springer introduces environmentally friendly, chemical-free bed bug control to Iowa and Des Moines.

While bed bug infestations have been virtually non-existent for decades, their incredible resurgence since 1996 has allowed bed bugs to repopulate every type of dwelling by the millions. Up to one home in six reports the presence of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are wingless and approximately a quarter of an inch long. Their flattened shape allows them to hide in cracks and crevices during the day. Then, during the night they emerge, attracted to our sleeping, warm bodies. They pierce the skin with their straw-like mouthparts to suck out our blood.

Springer Professional Homes Services uses natural pest control a non-toxic solution that eradicates bed bugs using only the exclusive and 100% effective effective RxHeat system.

Because bed bugs in any stage of development cannot survive in temperatures above 113 F, Springers eco pest control system heats a structures interior between 135 and 150 degrees for the relatively short time it takes to exterminate the bugs, including those in tiny crevices.

Springers green, all natural thermal extermination process uses no chemicals whatsoever. Your home or business is safe and ready to re-inhabit between four and 24 hours after treatment. So for bed bugs in Iowa give us a call.

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Iowa Bed Bug Control

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