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Using Freezing Conditions to Kill Bed Bugs (.pdf)

Putting infested items in a freezer can kill bed bugs if some particular conditions are met. Freezing causes ice to form inside the bed bug, causing injury or death. Freezing bed bugs is easy to do. All it requires is:

There are some things to know to ensure that freezing is effective and does not cause damage to items.

Most dry household items can be frozen, including:

There are a few items that require caution when attempting to freeze or that should not be frozen. Do not freeze:

You should talk to a Pest Management Professional about treating these items.

Unfortunately, no. It is unlikely that it will be cold enough for long enough to kill bed bugs. Sunlight, humidity, temperature variations during the day increase the risk that bed bugs will survive. DO NOT attempt to freeze your apartment or house by opening the windows and turning off the heat. There is a major risk that structural damage will occur and you will not kill the bed bugs.

For additional information on using freezing conditions to kill bed bugs please see this paper:Cold Tolerance of Bed Bugs and Practical Recommendations for Control

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Using Freezing Conditions to Kill Bed Bugs | Let's Beat ...

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