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From pre-infestation planning and inspections to the latest treatment techniques, Adams is first in prevention, management, and treatment of bed bugs. The Adams A-Team is a dedicated bed bug response unit that performs heat treatments at multiple sites almost every day. Our specially trained, licensed professionals use the most effective industry-leading treatment techniques to kill all life stages of bed bugs including eggs, which are the most resilient. Adam's has the expertise and the right combination of treatments to efficiently exterminate any infestation, regardless of its size or location.

Nationally recognized bed bug leaders

Minnesota's leading bed bug experts

Multiple treatment techniques for any situation

Residential and commercial solutions

Competitive pricing

100% customer satisfaction

Call now to schedule a Bed Bug inspection: 763.478.9810

No reputable pest control company can give an estimate to exterminate bed bugs without first inspecting to determine the size and location of the infestation and then determining the most effective treatment method.

Let Adams experienced bed bug experts put your mind at ease. One of our specially trained Pest Management Professionals (PMP) will inspect high risk areas within your home for bed bugs. Smaller and more difficult to locate infestations can be sniffed out with one of our 4 canine inspection teams. The canines are able to smell out live bed bugs and their viable eggs with up to 97% accuracy. The PMP will be able to confirm whether you have bed bugs or not, and recommend a course of action for what is found. And, the cost of the inspection is applied to any service fee at time of treatment*.

A Professional Bed Bug Inspection is just $49

Canine Inspection fee is only $199

An infestation that is caught early will cost less to exterminate than if you wait.

Learn More About Our Canines

Adams has treatments to professionally kill bed bugs regardless of the size of the infestation or your budget.

State-of-the-Art Electric Heaters

Temperature raised to 122F (min.)

Heat thoroughly penetrates furniture, fixtures and belongings

Faster results

Less preparation

Keep your furniture

Learn More about Heat Treatments

Small or confined infestations can be effectively treated with pesticides

Adams standard protocol is to come out three times

We inspect and treat on the first two visits and inspect and treat on the third, if needed

Treatments are spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart

Adams only uses pesticides specifically tested to kill bed bugs

Learn More about Conventional Treatment

There are many ineffective extermination options being promoted today, resulting in thousands of dollars being spent on unsuccessful treatments from unreliable or inexperienced providers. As nationally recognized bed bug experts, Adams Pest Control takes great pride in continuing to lead the industry with customer information and state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

*Inspection Fee is applied towards cost of treatment. Listed Inspection Fees do not include travel fees outside of the Twin City Metro Area. Travel fees are not applied towards treatment.

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Bed Bugs - Adam's Pest Control, Inc.

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