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Most people usually discover they have bed bugs after they have been bitten. When they scratch the bites, rashes might appear. Bed bug bites are often in clusters of 3 to 5 bites. Not everyone reacts to bed bug bites or develops a rash after scratching. This makes it hard to find where the bugs are coming from in an apartment building.

Bed bugs leave what looks like dried blood stains after they bite. First check the sheets on your beds. Then check your mattresses, especially in the seams along the edges. Look for small brownish-red specks. You can see adult bed bugs, especially after they have eaten.

Bed bugs do not usually walk around in the open unless there are large numbers of them. They like to hide in places like mattresses, between cushions, and in cracks, baseboards and floor boards, until they are ready to eat again.

A local housing inspector can come to your apartment and inspect for bed bugs. Or you can hire a professional pest management company (exterminators) to inspect. You will get something in writing that says there are bed bugs in your rental.

Once you find out you have bed bugs, you must act fast to keep them from spreading and to get rid of them.

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Bed Bugs | LawHelp Minnesota

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